Find out where we are and what's next for the Hop platform

Coming Soon

  1. Backups for Persistent Volumes

    Allows developers to configure how their volumes are backed up. All backups will be available to viewed, restored and downloaded on the Console & CLI.

  2. Build Settings

    Configure build settings including what root directory to use, what build command to run, and what environment variables to use.

  3. TCP Gateways

    The ability to expose the TCP layer of deployments on an IPv4 address. One of our most requested features!

  4. Scale to Zero

    Allow your app to scale to 0 containers. Containers will only be spun up when a request is made to your gateway. You will also be able to set the minimum amount of time a container will run for before scaling down to 0 again.


  1. Cmd+K Palette

    Control everything on the Hop console from the comfort of your keyboard. Deploy new services, scale existing ones, search through docs & more. Bonus tip: deploy presets such as Redis in less than 3 seconds by searching it on Cmd+K and hitting enter.

  2. Realtime Logs

    View logs in real time as they are generated by your services. Available on the Console and CLI.

  3. Persistent Volumes

    Volumes allow you to persist data across containers - preserving deployment state after restarts. Create a new deployment to start using volumes!

  4. Port Forwarding

    Connect to any Hop deployment securely from your local machine with the new hop fwd CLI command.

  5. The beginning

    You're all caught up. Everything started from here.