Fair, Easy to Understand & Predictable

Bandwidth, Now Priced Fairly

Cloud bandwidth is priced unfairly, with markups as high as 150x. We're here to change that, so you can build high-bandwidth products with peace of mind.

$0.009 per GB outbound
Inbound traffic is free, forever

Usage-based Billing

Only pay for what you use, while it's online. Running services, such as containers, are billed by the minute when they're up and running.

Product Pricing


Free Tier

ResourceFree Limits
Shared CPU1x Shared CPU
Storage (SSD)3GB

Allocated Compute Resources

ResourceHourly PriceMonthly Price
Shared CPU$0.006 / vCPU / hour$4.32 / vCPU / month
Dedicated CPU$0.018 / vCPU / hour$12.96 / vCPU / month
Memory$0.00374145 / GB / hour$2.69 / GB / month
Storage (SSD)$0.00021504 / GB / hour$0.15 / GB / month
A4000 GPU$0.50 / GPU / hour$360.00 / GPU / month

Example: 1 container with 1 shared CPU and 1GB of Memory running for 1 month will incur charges of $6.42 USD

Compute Hardware Specification

CPUHyperthreaded cores on an AMD EPYC 7713 64-Core Processor
MemoryLocal DDR4 ECC
StorageCEPH cluster of Intel DC SD4510 SSDs mapped to network volume mounts on host machines, bound to containers


Channels is free to use and unlimited during the private beta phase. We're working on pricing and will announce it soon - it will be priced extremely fair.