Introducing Hop - The easiest way to deploy your code

Hello world!

Today we’re glad to announce Hop’s public beta launch! We’ve spent the last 8 months carefully crafting and meticulously designing the best developer experience for deploying your code and scaling to the masses without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Our user-friendly abstractions grant exceptional visibility and control, liberating developers from the intricacies of systems like Kubernetes. With zero configuration, deploy directly from GitHub or Docker Hub and enjoy presets for popular services like Redis, Postgres, and more.

Leave config files behind. Just push your code, focus on your product, leave the infrastructure to us.

Building Blocks

Hop provides a wide-range feature offering out of the box, here's some examples:


Gateways are our abstraction over networking and is the equivalent to services in Kubernetes.

There are 2 types of gateways:

  • External - expose your deployment to the internet under a protocol of your choice, e.g. HTTP.
  • Internal - gateways expose your deployment to your project by giving you an IP address and customizable internal domain to use.


Using the CLI, you can port-forward deployments to access them securely without having to expose them to the public internet

Horizontal Scaling

Gain observability into how your deployment is running. Scale up to 100 containers at a time!

Environment Inference for Builds

Using Nixpacks (a better alternative to Buildpacks), Hop can automatically detect the language of your app, removing the need to write a Dockerfile for most cases. If a Dockerfile is detected, it will just be built using regular Buildkit.


As we don't host on top of an existing cloud solution, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer the cheapest resource pricing in the market. The graph below displays the average cost of 1 shared vCPU per month on 2 competing platforms. You can find more detailed pricing information here.

The Future

We’re only just getting started. We have a lot of exciting features in the pipeline, including:

  • TCP Gateways - The ability to expose the TCP layer of deployments on an IPv4 address. One of our most requested features!
  • Backups for Persistent Volumes - Allows developers to configure how their volumes are backed up. All backups will be available to viewed, restored and downloaded on the Console & CLI.
  • Scale to Zero - Allow your app to scale to 0 containers. Containers will only be spun up when a request is made to your gateway. You will also be able to set the minimum amount of time a container will run for before scaling down to 0 again.

Stay updated with our product roadmap here!