Changelog #5: Referral System & Free Tier Restructure

Today, as we progress toward an out-of-beta launch, we're announcing a restructure of the free plan and the launch of our referral system.


As a TLDR, the most important changes are:

  • New users get a $5 free credit one time
  • Users will be able to earn credit on Hop by referring new users to the platform
  • After Jan 1st, existing free personal projects will no longer get $5 added to their project every month
  • No pricing has been changed

Referral System

You can now earn credit to use on Hop by referring new users to the platform! You can create a referal link on the console. When new users sign up with your link, they'll get $5 in free credit. Once they spend $10, you'll get $5 in credit.

Once you start earning, you can choose which project to add the credit to from the Referrals page under your account settings.

Referral Settings

Free Tier Restructure

As mentioned in the TLDR above, starting next year, personal projects will no longer get the $5 monthly free credit. You will still be able to earn free credit by using our referral system. Please make sure to add a payment method to your project to avoid disruption next year.