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Changelog #4: Webhooks, Deployment Groups, Changing Image Source, Realtime Metrics & More

Since our last changelog a few weeks ago, we've implemented some new features for you to try out.


Webhooks allow you to receive events that happen with your project, deployments, and channels while they happen. The list of webhooks that we offer are rapidly expanding and you can even recommend some if you find yourself needing a specific one.

Integrating Webhooks In Your Application

Implementing webhooks into your application has never been simpler. We have tightly integrated webhooks into our @onehop/js SDK (coming to the Go SDK soon). Verify the signature with our easy-to-use and cross-platform helper utility, and get completely type-safe data objects from any event. You can learn more by reading our documentation or by checking out our Express.JS and @onehop/js example

Deployment Groups

Neatly organize your deployments into groups and stop you and your team questioning, "Is this prod?".

The Future of Deployment Groups

While deployment groups is a primarily a UI feature at the moment, we have some exciting upcoming features for deployment groups.

Isolated Networking

Soon, you'll be able to enable network isolation between deployment groups. Deployments in a isolated group can access the internal network only inside that specific group.


Enabled by isolated networking, you'll be able to create different environments so you can truly separate your production, staging, development environments.

PR Deployments

Easily set a template from a deployment group and have your pull-requests automatically be deployed and isolated in a new deployment group. With an automatically seeded database, you can test your team's pull-requests in a production-like environment.

Change Image Source

You can now change the deployment's image source. This is particularly helpful when you use our CLI to deploy, and then transfer to a GitHub repository.

Realtime Metrics

Previously, metrics updated every minute. We've since improved metrics using the same technology that our logs use. Now metrics can be pushed to the client in as little as half a second.

Not only are these realtime metrics viewable in the Console, but we've also added a command to view your container's metrics in the CLI. Simply run hop metrics container_id.

Other Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of QOL bugs
  • Fixed links directing outside of the console
  • When your GitHub refresh token expires, we will prompt you to reauthenticate
  • Redesigned email verification, GitHub callback, CLI authorization, and more out-of-console UIs.
  • Redesigned dropdowns
  • Fixed OOMing message in containers

Next up

We have some more hot features coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled 👀

  • Hop deploy button + marketplace for presets and images
  • Isolated networking, PR deployments, and environments in deployment groups
  • Referral system to earn Hop credit when inviting your friends.
  • User notifications