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Changelog #3: Volume Explorer, Billing Overhaul & Reliability Improvements

Ever since we launched our public beta earlier this year, we've been working hard to improve the platform's stability and make it more reliable. We want to make sure we can deliver a promise of guaranteed uptime, so that's been our primary focus. However, we've also been working on a few new features which you will definitely find useful!

Volume Explorer 📁

We've implemented a file explorer on the console for your volumes! You can now manage your volumes files directly from the Hop Console. This is useful if you want to easily restore a database from a backup, for example. Check it out below!

Project Overview 🎛️

We know this page has been labeled as "Under Construction" for a while, and we're finally ready to show it off! You can now view your project's activity in realtime, access quick links to commonly visited pages, and take a peek of your project's billing summary.

Billing Overhaul 💳

The billing experience has been re-designed to provide a more practical interface with the ability to view all your transactions and export them into CSV format, as well as additional insight into free tier usage and more.

Other features & Improvements

Monorepo support

You can now specify the directory to build from when creating or editing your deployment settings.

Import Open Source GitHub Repositories

You can now directly import third-party GitHub repositories on Hop without forking them. Check out how do this below!

Infrastructure Upgrades

More storage, in production now!

We've added hundreds of terabytes of blazing fast SSD-backed extra storage capacity for you to use on Hop.

Networking Reliability Improvements

If you've had networking issue during container creation, there's good news! We've switched out our container runtime for podman which allows us to inject container network interfaces before the container starts, so you should never have to worry about networking delays again.