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Changelog #2: Persistent Volumes, Port-Forwarding & Deployment Presets

Since our last changelog in October last year, we've pushed several new features that we haven't yet announced.

Persistent Volumes 💾

Volumes allow you to persist data across containers - preserving your deployment's state after restarts.

You can attach a volume to a deployment during the creation flow by checking 'Add volume to deployment', choosing a volume size and filesystem type. For existing deployments, you can attach a volume under the Resources tab in the deployment overview.

Read our docs on Persistent Volumes

Port-Forwarding 🛰️️

Using the CLI, you can port-forward deployments to access them securely without having to expose them to the public internet.

Initiating a tunnel between any of your deployments is now as easy as running hop fwd

You can also append the --hosts flag and sudo it to append the tunnel domain to your hosts file.

Read our docs on Port Forwarding

Realtime Logs 📕

We've implemented realtime logs for all deployments, allowing you to view logs in real-time as they happen. This is available through the console and CLI.

Presets 📚

You can now select between an array of different deployment presets to deploy popular apps in seconds - including Redis, Minio & Postgres. You can also use the new Cmd+K menu to deploy presets in less than 3 seconds.

Container Recreation 🔁

We've removed the ability to pause containers. Containers should be treated as ephemeral entities, even if they have volumes attached - volumes are handled on the deployment level.

Instead, you can now Recreate containers through the Console or CLI. This will copy the container's current configuration to a new container, and then delete the old container.

Other Updates

  • 2FA & Security Keys
  • Console & Create Deployment Redesigned
  • Ability to create redirection gateways
  • Cmd+K palette on Console
  • Implemented Console Context (right-click) Menus
  • Implemented Build Caching
  • Implemented branch switching for GitHub deployments
  • Improvements/fixes to internal networking
  • Improvements & fixes to billing

And that it's for this month - we're currently working on Volume Backups & Exporting that should be production-ready next month. Also, make sure to stay up to date in our Discord. We'll be launching our public beta soon.