Ship and Serve in Seconds

The all-in-one deployment & container platform.
Works with your codebase!

Screenshot of hop dashboard
$ hop deploy

Deploy with one command.
Scale to millions.

Dockerfile or Not

If you have a Dockerfile, we'll use it. Otherwise, we'll automatically detect your environment and write one when you deploy.

Automatic Rollouts

Once built, we'll deploy new containers, make sure they're healthy, then let traffic smoothly move over to them.

Deploying a Node.js API

Deploy Existing Images

Deploy an image from DockerHub or other registries with one simple command.

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$ hop oops

Accidentally deployed a bad version? Run hop oops to instantly roll back to your previous deployment.

Heavy traffic? Never lift a finger

Hop grows with you, allowing you to deploy more containers as your traffic increases. Choose between manual or autoscale scaling.


  • No notifications, no downtime, just a smooth rollout of new containers when they're needed. Optionally configure the autoscaling rules, such as CPU%.


  • Take full control over when and how to scale your application as your growth demands it. Use our API & SDKs to deploy new containers dynamically.

Deploy from GitHub

Push to GitHub to automatically deploy a new build.

Health checks will determine if the build works in production, then, your build will be rolled out and traffic will gracefully carry over to the new containers.

hop build logs
commented 1 minute ago
This commit has been deployed to Hop.
Deployment NameStatusPreviewUpdated At
my-api✅ DeployedView2022-10-14T04:20:52.480Z

First-class Networking with Every Deployment

Private IP addresses

Every container is assigned a private IP address, used for easy internal networking with a 40Gbps connection between your containers.

Picture showing ignite and it assigning private IP addresses to containers

Access deployments, internally, or externally.

Whether you're connecting your Redis instance to your API, or exposing your application to the web, we make it easy with Gateways.

Expose your app to the world

Expose your service with an external gateway: reap the benefits of auto-generated SSL certificates, auto-assigned hop.sh domains and the ability to bring your own domain.

SSL enabled
Valid Configuration
SSL enabled
Valid Configuration

Tinker to your Needs

Container Overrides

Change the CPU, memory and environment variables passed to new containers without disrupting existing containers.

Controlled Environment

Create, edit, and delete environment variables passed to containers, and even point environment variables to project secrets.

Any Image from Anywhere

Select an image that you've uploaded to our registry, Docker Hub, or any other registry, private or public.

APIs for Everything

Every aspect of Ignite can be controlled and automated using our modern REST API and SDKs.

Attachable Storage Volumes

Create persistent storage volumes which can be attached to deployments and containers, powered by high-throughput SSDs & NVMe drives.

Deploy Worldwide

Scale your deployments across multiple Hop regions and take advantage of our anycasted network to enable speedy response times for users, worldwide.